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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Working toward English for the children


Sorry again for the delay in posting.  I've been in the US for 2 months, but have been working toward a new avenue with IDADEE.  The Lord impressed me to start with only 5 children and do some basic English classes.  The committee was very agreeable and so, last Saturday I had my first class.  The committee chose the kiddos I would be working with.  I had Abbie (Vero's daughter) as my helper.  I had chosen to use a booklet that has English, French and Creole in it, so I'd get it right.  

The kids were excited when Vero brought them.  And I had a variety of ages and genders.  Started with some very basic words... hello, goodbye, thank you, well, you know, just a general things to see how they would do.  The kids sort of laughed and did so well, then I found out they KNEW all those things.  After several attempts at different areas, they showed me their booklets that they brought.  Se Vila at IDADEE has been working with some of them and used the same booklet.  They laughed and I laughed and I immediately made a decision.  

My husband and I have a "bucket ministry".  We fill 5 gallon buckets with various food stuffs, and include scriptures and a coloring book called "Kolore M Konta", Color Me Happy.  I pulled out some copies of that and started in with it.  It has the message of salvation and many scriptures for the children in it.  The kids were really happy with that.  And I will use that until I run out of pages then depend on the Lord to help me go from there.  

I am really happy to have Abbie helping me.  My Creole isn't the greatest (actually not great at all), so she has been a huge help.  After class 2 of the kids went to Vero and told her they really liked this English class.  I told her it was because I gave them Kool-aid and during a break they played with a huge ball we have.  But they were all waving and shouting as they left to go back to IDADEE.  I told them they have to help the other learn what they are learning and they seemed excited to do that.

I'm including a picture here of the kids and Abbie and I.  We did have a good time and I was so pleased with their attitude.  Here they are:

 First on the left is Claude, then me, and Abbie.   At the far end is Walkenson, then far right in the back is Ruth, then Emmanuela, and in the front is Dieulene.  I can tell  you I have some very intelligent kids in this class.  They may go faster and do better than their teacher!!

I don't think I've posted on here about the addition that has come about with IDADEE. Now, a short distance from the orphanage compound, is the IDADEE clinic and hospital.  It has been open for a while now and is a HUGE blessing to not only the orphanage but the the surrounding areas.  God has greatly blessed them to get this going and have given them an opportunity to spread God's word in an even larger area.  They are doing an awesome job here.
 Above is the clinic and the right right of it, and in the picture below is the hospital.
 The added blessing is that the children at IDADEE now have immediate health care.  God is truly blessing them.

Please keep praying for the whole IDADEE mission and help where and when you can.

Blessings beyond measure to all!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Our New Children


I have to apologize for taking so long to get on here and show you these sweet kiddos.  I'm simply NOT a computer geek, or computer literate, so have patience with me, please.

 I had asked Vero to please find a way to get some good pictures of ALL the IDADEE children, since I have been unable to get out to see them.  Then next day, a Sunday, at 12:30, she walked in and said, "Mom, the bus is here with all the kids!"  Talk about service... 

I had a great time getting photos, but also seeing all the children dressed up so sweetly.  And smiles...these kiddos really have my heart!!  When the bus pulled out after the time here, the kids were hanging out the window, calling, "BYE GRANDMA!"  Loved every minute of it!!

Okay, on to the new kids first.  I'll include a short description of how they came.  Pray for them and for the whole of IDADEE!  The pictures are in no particular order, just as the site downloaded them.

This sweet girl is CHERLANDA Chermelus.  Her mother died.  She is the oldest, and has a younger brother.  Her father works at IDADEE and he keeps his son with him, but Cherlanda is now at the orphanage.  
 This cutie is CHRISLA Orélus.  She comes from the town of Pilot.  Her aunt Onide, a former EBAC orphan, brought her to IDADEE since her parents could not care for her.
 This pretty little gal is DERLISSA Georges.  She is one of 7 children.  Parents went to the Dominican Republic and left the children on the side of the road with only sheets as walls for them.  She came from the area of Lambert.  The other children were taken into homes of some of the people who do evangelism with Vero.
 This little sweetheart is DJOULISSA Cheridor.  She has parents, but they are so poor they cannot care for the 5 children.  She is not the youngest.  Mother had children before she moved in with this man.  No idea how many children they each had before they got together.  Vero brought her to IDADEE, and now when she goes out there, Djoulissa runs away.  She is afraid Vero will take her back to her parents.
 This young man is JONELSON Pierre-Rélus.  Mother brought him to IDADEE when the man she married didn't want him.  She has children with this man, but he didn't want Jonelson around since he isn't the father.
 This strapping young fellow is JEAN-LENSKY Joseph.  There were 3 children in the family.  Mother died.  The father (a pastor, the IDADEE cooks's brother) remarried.  The woman treated the children like slaves.  Kathleen (another former EBAC orphan), took the twin girls in.  And IDADEE took in Jean-Lensky. 
 On to this happy young boy, who's name is MAIKEL Valcent.  Abraham, one of IDADEE's founding committee members, brought him in.  He was VERY sick, huge belly and malnourished.  No history for him at this point.
 This good looking young man is ROBINSON Dorestan.  Rigenson, another founding committee member, brought him from Jacmel.  He was living with his grandmother, but she died.
 And finally, this cute you fellow, who's name is SANDLY Petit-Das.  His mom was alone and cannot care for him.  There was no dad in the picture.  He is from Limbé.
This is the IDADEE bus, as the children were getting back on it to head out to the orphanage.
 And here are all 40 of the children.  Have you noticed the smiles and happy faces?  These kids are a joy and lots of fun.  Oh, there are times when they are simply kids and get into mischief, but they are happy.  We had a great time with them. 
 So, with this update, I would ask again, that you keep IDADEE, their staff and all of these children, in prayer.  They are doing a great job out there, but it is with your prayers and support that they can accomplish what they are doing for these children. 
Until next time, blessings and keep your eyes on Jesus, the real reason for all we do.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

IDADEE compound and ministry

Greetings as we head into October.  (quick note; I have tried to take out all the extra spaces, but wasn't able to do it, sorry!)

 We headed out to the IDADEE orphanage for a simple photo shoot this morning.  A beautiful, sunny, hot day.  Temps were in the upper 80’s which is normal right now.  But so thankful there wasn’t rain to keep us from doing the pictures.

 We started at the school.  We sat with Peguy Jusner, the head secretary.  Very nice lady with her hands full of work, but she took time with us.  She did have a lot of work sitting on her desk and was very busy, but her smile lit up the office and she asked us to sit down.  Pastor John, the principle was not there this morning, so at this point no photo of him, but we’ll get one for a future post.

 First is Mme. Jusner and then the administration building.
The school operates from September through June.  This year they have 194 students.  All 40 of the IDADEE children attend here.  They teach in French, which is the school language in all of Haitian schools.  The children range from pre-school (3 years old) through grade 5.  Each year they are adding another grade.  The school building was built with this in mind.  Aside from the 2 existing school buildings, there is an administrating building.  As grades are added, some of the rooms (now used for storage) will house more and more grades.  They have ample room for expanding.  Each building also has adequate rest room facilities for the children, including the orphanage.  

The smaller building was the original school building.  It now houses the pre-school, and kindergarten children.  There are three classrooms with a total of 74 students.  I wanted to get pictures of the children looking at the teacher, but when someone comes to visit, all eyes turn that way. 
 The next building houses the grades 1 through 5.  It is 2 floors.  This building has 120 children attending school.  We were there during recess.  The kids were really running off excess energy, with teachers in each of the areas of play.  The children also have access to drinking water.  Like children all over the world, they love to run, climb and play all sorts of games.

 The chapel on the compound is really nice and so well ventilated.  Breezes flow through a lot.  It was open air designed for that reason.  They not only use the chapel for the school, they have Sunday services there as well.  And of course when special events occur, they use it frequently.  

On to the IDADEE children’s home.   Decided to start with the kitchen.  It amazes me to see them cooking in such huge pots and not burning things in the process.  Today’s meal was a cornmeal dish with beans and a tomato sauce.  They have meat 3 or 4 times a week.  The children come home from school, change and eat their big meal.  Leah is the head cook and she has a helper working with her to feed the 40 children and the workers.


I only took a few pictures of the bedrooms, so you can see them.  There is a solar system, so there are fans for children in all the rooms, and they are really nice fans.  Very powerful.  I was amazed at how much air was flowing and how cool the rooms were.  One of the pictures I sort of got the ceiling in it to show you the art work the builders did.  The three house moms were very open and helpful when we got there.  The children do help clean their rooms, but the mom’s take up the rest of the work when the children are in school.  


I wanted to get a picture or two of the property for you. It is difficult, with all the trees.  But such a great place for the children to play!  It is huge, and I obviously could not get it all in photos…but wanted to show you what I could.  These were taken from the 3rd floor balcony.  Years ago, when they were first looking at this land, they asked me to come and see it.  There was a very little tree in the middle of the land.  I sat down under that tree and cried.  I told them, “Do you realize how the Lord has blessed you with this wonderful land?  On high ground, with a creek nearby, fruit trees everywhere, and room to grow!”  That little tree is now a big cashew tree, still almost in the middle of the yard.  You can see the bay from the porch.  I was told by Dr. Hodges, an American doctor who spent most of his life with his family in Haiti, (and he was also an archeologist), that Christopher Columbus first pulled into this bay to make land fall, but then decided it wasn’t protected enough and went further east to an area called Lemonade (lemon-odd).  This was where he lost his ship.  It is so beautiful sitting here and looking at the mountains, the bay and see God’s wonders in His creation. These two pictures were taken from the 3rd floor balcony of the orphanage.  The 2nd floor has a similar balcony.  The children can play here when the weather is bad, and still be outside.
 This picture is a Google Map one.  but I don't think it's real current.  The administration building is finished and it doesn't look like it there.  The dotted line is "approximately" some of the boundary of the property.  It goes further up the mountain from here, where the guest house is.
I hope you enjoyed our excursion into the IDADEE compound and Children's Home!  Remember to pray for the children, the committee and the workers who keep this organization following the Lord's leading!
James 1: 27b " look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Our new pledge to you


My name is Karen.  I will be trying to bring everyone up to date on not only the children at IDADEE, but on happenings and what is going on.  But I do plan to work individually with the children, too.  I want to get acquainted with them and learn their likes, dislikes, their joys and their troubles.  I will try to do an update on the blog as often as possible to keep everyone informed on what is going on. 
I will be working with Vero on showing you things as they occur and keep you informed on how the children are doing.  

When IDADEE was first brought into existence, I am happy to say I was a part of the group to pray and ask the Lord to lead and direct this group of earnest young adults.  No, I am not on the committee.  These Haitian former orphans have done all the hard work and brought IDADEE into existence.  Their hearts and lives were put into this project.  They are successfully doing what the Lord called them to do, without having foreign people telling them to do it a different way.  They know their country, they know their culture and they know how these children need to be raised to become strong, Christian leaders in their own country.

I will be here to share with you in words and pictures what THEY are accomplishing in their country!  

All of this being said, if you have questions, the place to go is to the committee.  They are doing an awesome job and I respect them for the work they have accomplished.
Have a blessed day and we hope you will check back frequently to watch the children grow and see how God is blessing IDADEE through the work being done there.  Your prayers are appreciated and we ask that you keep the work and the children in your daily prayers.   

Thank you and please keep IDADEE and the children in your prayers.