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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The start of summer 2017

Greetings from Haiti,

Again, it’s been a long time since a post, but it’s not easy.  With the children it’s like any home…just normal day to day things.  It’s hard to find things to report when it’s just normal things every day.  

The orphans…well, we had become concerned.  They seemed to be so skinny and we weren’t sure why since they eat normally.  The doctor eased those concerns.  They are growing UP and it just seems they are skinnier than before, but they are much taller, too.  Their health is fine, and we do praise God for that.

Over the last several months we have been blessed in different ways by different people.  First we have had people come and visit and spend time with the children.  They play games with them, and do VBS, or Bible stories with them.  The children love it when they have visitors who center on them.

But we have also been blessed by “things”, too.  MFI has a donation list they send out.  One of our missionary friends here had them send in sheets, and she gave them to us for the children’s beds.  And two different groups have sent in clothing.  Some women had made many dresses and we were able to give our girls some plus bless some others with some of them.  

The children are doing really well in school.  We are really proud of Ruth and Wakenson who are excellent students and leading their classes.  We do have some really brilliant kids here, and we are so thankful by being here, they can work toward their future.  These children would not even have been able to attend school had they not come to IDADEE.  God is blessing them in this.

We have had some really heavy rains lately, and that has held the children inside the orphanage for their free time after school.  So things like soccer and other games have not been available with the ground totally saturated.  So, they have been inside, writing and coloring and playing with their toys.  Our walls are showing their “artistic” abilities, much to the dismay of our staff.  

We do have Moranga (I am not sure of the spelling) growing on our compound.  This plant is a great source of vitamins and nutrients that they normally would not have.  And we are so thankful to be able to use this with our food for the children.  This plant is being harvested all over Haiti and being sold in many forms for many different uses.  It is a very beneficial plant to have.

We have some new photos of the children to share with you.  I think there were a few of the children who were so busy they missed getting their pictures taken this time.  We will update again in the near future.  But enjoy the children.  Some with presents that were sent. 

We will close asking you to keep us in prayer.  God has been good to us, but we need constant prayer for wisdom, strength and for provisions that are needed.  Blessings in all you do and may the Lord be with you and walk with you each and every day!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A long overdue update

After a LONG, LONG time, we are finally able to get on here and update some things, along with some pictures we would like to share with you.  First, and foremost are pictures of the children.  These may not be the best pictures but they are what we have been able to download.  Names of the children are on each photo.  The kids are growing a lot.  And they are all now in school.  More on that after the pictures.


 A note... one of the pictures disappeared... hummm, well we do have it here!
With just a bit of prejudice, aren't these kids great?  Hopefully next time we post the camera used will do a better job.  We will be working on that.  

You will notice we now have 31 children.  One child was turned over to his parents.  But that is probably a good thing.  It is best if children can be with their real parents.  Our purpose is to help those who have no parents.

We have 4 house moms now.  Our staff also includes 2 women who do laundry 3 days a week, our cooking team of 2, our cleaning crew of 2, and 2 who are on security.  We have been growing.

The following photos are of our school, now completed.  Pastor John is now in charge of that.  We have 116 children in school this year.  There are 14 teachers.  The children are all in preschool and primary school.  The students include the orphans, workers children, and children from the area surrounding IDADEE.  The children also have Bible teaching on a daily basis.
You can see in the following photos the chapel filled with children.  That was the Festé D'été (Kids Fest).  With the children present and the workers, we had 865 persons there.  It was one week long and the whole group was fed a good meal each day.  

We hope you have enjoyed catching a glimpse of what is happening and how the children, along with IDADEE itself, are growing.  Please keep us in prayer, for wisdom, guidance from the Lord and perseverance.  We totally depend on the Lord for all things.  Thank you for being there with us in prayer and in finances.